Friday, 1 October 2010

Cloud Services with End To End Service Levels

Orange Business Services, Cisco, EMC and VMware have formed an alliance, called Flexible 4 Business. Their plan is to offer four cloud services with tiered end-to-end service-level agreements. 

The services being offered include: 
(1) Private cloud that can be deployed either on customers' sites or on Orange Business Services’ (OBS) network 
(2) data backup 
(3) security-as-a-service and 
(4) unified communications services.  

Good for businesses – I think. 

What attracted us is the phrase “end to end service levels”. 
But there are some immediate questions that come to my mind: 
(1) Are all of the four services fully ready and available in one go? 
(2) Are the SLAs limited to availability and data location? 
(3) How would SLAs vary if the private cloud is deployed on customer’s site and not on OBS? 

These questions need detailed investigation.

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