Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Exciting webinars on fresh topics

Currently we are running a new webinar series on fresh topics related to Scalable Computing, Cloud Computing and Sustainable IT. Each webinar features an industry expert and his/her area of work.

Our idea is to deliver around 13 webinars over 15 weeks. As of now, we have delivered 2 webinars and 6 others are already scheduled.

  • Sharing Research Assets Over The Cloud: 13th Oct 2010 1400-1430 GMT.
Listen to Prof. Jim Austin - Lead, Advanced Computer Architectures Group, University of York about various challenges associated with sharing research assets over the cloud.

  • A Cloud Platform for R&D: 3rd Nov 2010 1400-1430 GMT.
Prof. Paul Watson - Director of North East Regional e-Science Centre, Newcastle University will introduce a cloud based platform for managing research and development activities.
  • HPC Scalability: Multicore to Exascale: 10th Nov 2010 1400-1430 GMT.
John Barr - Research Director & Financial Markets and Head of EU Research of The 451 Group will examine nature of HPC and challenges in managing its scalability highlighting Multi-scale processors, their impact on HPC provisioning and other associated challenges.
  • Processing and communications challenges in building the world’s largest radio telescope: 17th Nov 2010 1400-1430 GMT.
Know more about Square Kilometre Array (SKA) programme, a €1.5 billion international project to develop the world’s largest telescope and the UK's contribution to it. Specifically learn about Data Processing and Communication challenges associated with this telescope. And learn about potential opportunities for the UK businesses.
Speaker: Andrew Faulkner, Project Engineer - European SKA Design Studies with University of Cambridge
  • Elastic Cloud Services using Amazon EC2: 24th Nov 2010 1400-1430 GMT.
Matt Wood, EMEA Evangelist with Amazon UK will talk about cloud services, advantages that elastic infrastructure, and on-demand provisioning can have for capacity planning, agility and bringing new ideas to market quickly.

You are welcome to participate in these webinars.

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