Thursday, 29 April 2010

Time to move on - series of webinars

Perhaps it is only a little exaggeration if I say that the industry is slowly getting saturated with fundamental knowledge of cloud computing. We have seen many events where cloud has been introduced, its types are discussed, there seems to be basic understanding of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. It is time to move on.

I will be running a series of webinars on a variety of topics. First wave of these webinars will run between May to mid July. Here is a tentative plan of these webinars. I will confirm exact details as we come closer to the planned date.

(1) DSKTN Scalable Computing Roadmap – May 7th 14:30 to 15:30 GMT
We would like to introduce our “roadmap” which helps structured knowledge sharing. This webinar explains motivations behind the whole roadmap and how it was constructed. Also, we will show list topics/concerns/issues each component of the roadmap will address. We need your attention, feedback and improvement suggestions.

(2) Cloud Homework – Getting Ready for Cloud Computing – Tentative Date 13th May 2010 - Enterprise Focus AreaWe have reached an inflection point – we need to choose either to consciously choose to continue with status quo or to embrace the cloud in measured steps. In this webinar, we will examine first few steps a business could take could take to get into the cloud and beneficial side effects of this preparation.

(3) Cloud Computing Challenges and Opportunities for Developers – Tentative: 27th May 2010 – Developer Focus Area
Most of the events on cloud computing were discussing technical merits of cloudware or business benefits of cloud computing. We see very little focus on developers of cloudware. Do they understand what it takes to build a cloud application? Should they be retrained? Are they worried? This webinar lists challenges and opportunities cloudware developers face as on date.

(4) Implementing a cloud – Tentative Date 3rd June 2010 - Enterprise and Technology Focus Areas
This webinar will discuss two key questions: How to have/implement your own private cloud? And how to co-exist with private and public clouds (hybrid clouds)?

(5) SOA and Cloud Convergence – Tentative Date 10th June 2010 - Enterprise and Technology Focus Areas
Most of us were educated on SOA by IT industry vendors and gurus. Now they are teaching us the cloud. Do SOA and Cloud converge? Or should the business spend money on both? This webinar will discuss where and how SOA and cloud come together and drift apart.

(6) Cloud Application Architectures – Tentative Date 17th June 2010 - Technology/Developer/Industry Focus Areas
Although “Is there a method in this madness?” seems to be a more appropriate question to pose; we will be polite and discuss the question “Is there a software model or architecture behind a cloud application?” in this webinar. We will examine choice of architectures and few methods to model a cloudware.

(7) Creating Competitive Differentiation with the Cloud – Tentative Date 24th June 2010 - Enterprise Focus Area
Assuming that a business adopts/implements cloud computing, how realistically could a business achieve an edge over their competition? If everyone is on the cloud, including your competitors, what could you possibly do to be competitive? We will look at few case studies where businesses have innovated using/with the cloud.

(8) Introduction to LSCITS: Large Scale Complex Information Technology Systems – Tentative Date 1st July 2010 – All Focus Areas
In this webinar we will introduce a unique programme which takes a long term view to develop reliable, large scale, complex IT systems. It is an interesting combination of a variety of topics including education, practice, standards, new architectures, methods, processes etc.

(9) Catching up with Hardware – Tentative Date 8th July 2010 – All Focus Areas
Multi core processors, large video memories, super-scalar processors, ultra-large storage spaces, cloud on a chip ... the hardware industry is growing in leaps and bounds – but does my desktop still hang? This webinar will examine how software is trying to catch up with hardware and associated challenges.

(10) Lessons from Cloud Computing – Quarterly Update – Tentative Date 15th July 2010 – All Focus Areas
This webinar will be our second, quarterly, objective reporting of lessons learned in cloud computing area. We will list lessons and try to seek patterns in them.

You will see separate posts confirming each webinar on our website.

I am interested in your feedback on this webinar series. Are they appropriate? Do you want us to give priority to any other topic? Would you like to speak in one of our webinars? Don’t hesitate. Interact with us.

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